Noisy Offering - May 6/7 

The Noisy Offerings for May will be for Rev. Bradn Buerkle, ELCA Pastor who served in Russia and now resides in Germany. He continues to accompany the deanery of the Russian Far East, lead occasional lectures for local study programs, and supports specialized ministries.  PoP has been involved in keeping up with Buerkle’s ministry in Russia since early 2000.

Burning the Mortgage, September 2022

September 25 was a day to celebrate with the burning of the mortgage. Congregation Council president, Brandon Messner thanked PoP members and friends for their financial support over many years. PoP is now debt free as they move into renewed mission and ministries.

Sept. 2022 - God's Work. Our Hands."

PoP collected school supplies during August and September for foster children, that were given to “Sammy’s Window.” The supplies are given children when they come into the foster program. School supplies were also given to children of Ukrainian refugee families in Nixa. 

Discovering God's Word

Children were presented with their very own personal Bible on September 10/11. The Bible were a gift from Herb Peterson to the glory of God and in memory of Dani Peterson. 



Project Aids CGC Outreach Center

Eighty people will get to do their laundry because of laundry tubes assembled by PoP’s children’s Sunday School and given to the Outreach Center at the Connecting Grounds Church,  Each tube contained five dollars in quarters (donated by PoP members and friends in support of this March 2022 service project), a laundry soap pod and a dryer sheet; what it takes to do one load of laundry at a laundry mat.