Leadership -2020


Pastor:  Katherine Hayes*  pastorkatherinepop@gmail.com                           

President:  Brandon Messner*   popelcapresident@gmail.com

Vice-President:   Patti Moore*    popelcavicepressident@gmail.com

Treasurer:  Chris Hingst*   popelcatreasurer@gmail.com

Secretary :  Julie Karlson*   popelcasecretary@gmail.com

Education Team Leader:  Desi Flood*   popeducationteam@gmail.com   and Youth Ministry Team Liaison

Evangelism Team Leader:        popevangelism@gmail.com   

Fellowship Team Leader:   Mark Dancer*   popfellowshipteam@gmail.com   and Evangelism Team Liaison

Outreach Team Leader:  Cathy Corwin   popoutreachteam@gmail.com 

Property Team Leader:   Bill Ernst*   poppropertyteam@gmail.com

Stewardship Team Leader:  Diane Washburn*   popstewardshipteam@gmail.com  and Outreach Team Liaison

Worship Team Leader:   Sarah Derr*    popworshipandmusicteam@gmail.com

Youth Ministry Team Leader:     Desiree Flood   popyouthelca@gmail.com      



EDUCATION:  Growing disciples of Christ through Sunday School , Bible study groups, Confirmation, Vacation Bible School, and libraries for children, youth and adults. 

EVANGELISM:  Extending the ministry of the congregation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unchurched, inactive, new residents and our communities.  

FELLOWSHIP:  Promoting a Christian friendly spirit among members and friends for the building of community and care in our church family.  

FINANCE:  Working with the minstry teams so as to move the ministries of Prince of Peace forward in the preparing  of the annual  budget and ensuring that church finances are responsibly managed.   

OUTREACH:  Sharing God's love, and with Christ seeks to help the poor, hungry, abused and homeless by supporting local and international agencies and non-profit groups.

PROPERTY:  Ensuring the proper maintenance and repair of church buildings, as well as care of the church grounds and parking lot. 

STEWARDSHIP:  Helping POP members discover the many gifts they have been given and aiding the members in finding ways to use these gifts to God’s glory.

WORSHIP:  Strengthening the spiritual lives of individuals and the faith community through prayer and praise, the spoken Word, music, drama and the visual arts, all in response to God's gracious gifts of life, forgiveness, salvation. 

YOUTH MINISTRY:¬†¬†Empowering youth in their life-long journey of ‚Äúknowing Christ and making Christ known‚ÄĚ through worship, learning, fellowship, witness and service.