Good Food, Conversation

The Fellowship Team often works with other Prince of Peace teams to provide fellowship activities both onsite (i.e., midweek soup and sandwiches during Advent and Lent) and and offsite events (i.e., Springfield Cardinals game.) 


IT'S LEFSE TIME! (November 2022)


What's Lefse? 

Lefse is a traditional soft Norwegian flatbread. It is made with flour and  can include riced potatoes, butter, and milk, cream, or lard.

Special tools are used to prepare lefse, including a potato ricer, long wooden turning sticks and special rolling pins with deep grooves. It is cooked on a large flat griddle. 

Lefse is often eaten with butter, cinnamon, sugar or jam – but many families also prepare traditional Nordic dishes like lutefisk to eat with their lefse.