Blessed to be a blessing!  

Stewardship is about more than money, but it is not only about money. A person’s use of money and all other possessions is an important part of being a follower of Jesus.  The term, steward, describes anyone who is the keeper of another person’s possessions. For Christians, steward describes one’s relationship with God the Creator:  
God has “created me and all that exists” (Luther’s Smal Catechism, Apostles’ Creed, explanation of the First Article)... blessings from God. Jesus’ disciples are called to responsibility care for and use these blessings wisely. This includes time, relationships, talents, passions, energy, lifestyle, the environment and money. The money part includes the sharing of your financial resources to support God’s work through the church.  
As a disciple of Jesus, individuals can find a broader role for stewardship in their daily life ... called to be the body of Christ in the world — to do God’s work, share their blessings received from God, do God’s will. This might mean for a person to tend to their health, their relationships, their work, their possessions, their finances, their recreation, God’s creation, their congregation, their community or their faith life.


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